March 4, 2010

four eyes


My dwindling vision has become quite apparent.
Like when I waved to someone I didn't know - but thought I did - with foggy eyes.
(A very awkward moment ensued. - "Hey!" "Oh, ugh, yeah." "...sorry." And I hide my face.)
I need some cool glasses...maybe like hers (but smaller)?

{the sartorialist}


  1. Yeah! I want to get a tortise shell glasses too!

    PS: Thanks for your sweet comments!Hope to see you around!

  2. I wear glasses just like these every day. People are always moaning at me to take them off but they're a bit of a security blanket in a way. I just love glasses even though I don't need them.

    We have to have similar tastes in things Jillian <3


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